Dog shows 22.02.2021...

22.02.2021 G. MKOO «NORD»

Zootechnical event

of the CAC rank Champion of the RFLS + CAC 1, 2 and 5 groups + mono block


«Winter Vernissage 2021


Kongrem Asteria


Judge: Larisa Galiaskarova

Titles: Excellent, CAC, Best of Breed, Federation Champion.


Judge: Inna Begma

Titles: Excellent, СAС, best of the breed.


Behavior testing for admission to breeding (T1 / T2)

Judge: Natalia Tomilina

The dog passed T1. Approved for breeding.


Congratulations to the Borovikov family on Asteria's first victories.



22.02.2021 G.Maxis «MILLENNIUM»


Judge: Tatiana Mordvinova


Kongrem Yunika — excellent, CAC, champion of Federation, the Best of breed.


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