Having an experience of the breed German boxer, I remembered my first dog and the mistakes I made when purchasing them, and therefore want to give some tips for those who would like to have a puppy of this breed and its correctly to grow.

1. Boxer is a strong, hardy, cheerful and very agile dog. If you like most of the time in the chair, on the couch, watching TV, you're wrong: this dog is not for you. She needs attention, moving walks, instead of standing in place. This dog is loyal, good-natured to home, but requires training and practice at the site.

 2. The question is: male or female it is better to buy? The male seems less of a problem. The females come in heat and it must be knit. Just want to ask the question: «why would I knit a maleBecause the bitch can't also knit. Think about who you buy a puppy, who is walking, to do with him. Male – very strong, likes to show his superiority over others. Cope if a child or woman with him, if they do not have enough physical strength? This problem was very acute in my house. When I left, we had specially for walks with my dog to hire someone, despite the fact that he was well addressyour. A bitch was able to walk everything, even the older members of my family. Estrus in females happen every 8-12 months. You have led her on a leash 3-4 weeks (particularly dangerous daysfrom 10 to 17, i.e., one week). If you decided not to have puppies, of course, is not the best option, but it is possible. So it is with the males: it requires mating, but you can not use it for breeding. But believe me: if you want your dog got into breeding, you will need to spend for it many forces and health (going to exhibitions, advertising male, its a cool background, etc). Female are more loyal to their masters, and male are more concerned about the knots that live in the area. Bitch is always with you, and male – with the wrong ladies. Although when training I prefer males. Them more interesting to work with.

3. What you buy for the puppy? Will you make him leave, do you plan to use in breeding? This is a serious matter, and must honestly tell the breeder, respecting his work and the years spent on getting your puppy. In a litter there will always be «super-puppy» who the breeder holds some hope, and simply good, pedigree puppy, which you can buy for yourself, without breeding. Talk candidly with the breeder, otherwise in a few months will be unpleasant for you and for him «showdown». No need to cheat, you cheat yourself (because your dog was born, if someone just lied to him).

4. Now that you've decided the first three paragraphs, you have to choose where you buy your puppy. Recently engaged in breeding nurseries (information you can take from the Internet). The kennel is a kennel's prefix, which is owned, usually one person. He knows what he wants, type, lines, etc. Not necessarily that he will offer a puppy from his home. Mom can live in another house, but she was born with the given prefix or puppies have the prefix of the breeder. Pay attention to its breed. The father plays a big role in the breed, but the mother is the oven that bakes pies. And if you doubted her vysokoprochnost, and make no mistake about the puppy, because he combines the traits of heredity and from his mother and from the father. Do not be lazy to go around several litters, not stick blisterfree tag. And then slowly, calmly discuss the house the subject of your choice.

5. Don't focus on red or brindle color. See those and other puppies and make your choice. The defining moment should be all the same breed puppy, not the color.

6. And now for some questions that you must ask the breeder. Worms were banished and what drug? If the vaccinated puppy? From what disease? What drug? What it eats? What food? How many times a day? Hanging around in the house, he will experience stress and it is better at first to keep to the conditions of his detention. The first night is a big test for you: the puppy is awake and crying, missing their brothers and sisters. Don't take it to bed, because then you have to allocate a space for him in my bed forever. I suggest that you along with the puppy to buy and the container or cage, arranging her in a soft, warm place to sleep. The first time a cell (or container) must be kept open. Leaving the house, you close the puppy in it, thereby protecting it from injury, and your apartment from pogroms. Dogs love cages (containers) – it's like a house, security, ownership of your animal. Convenient cage and when guests visit (they won't be able to feed your pet what it should not be fed, and not everyone loves dogs). And so at exhibitionsit's just a necessary, convenient and useful thing. After 2-3 days run themselves once more of the worms, although they were turned away from the breeder. You can use the drug Drontal Plus tablets or Drontal Junior (sweet syrup), or domestic drugs. You must know the weight of the puppy and the amount of the drug at the weight. I suggest that you vaccinate your puppy with Nobivac drug at the age of 2 months. and 3 months. This vaccination is done after 6 months. (including rabies), then a year later and then annually until the end of life. If in 2 and in 3 months you can vaccinate your puppy yourself, then after 6 months it is better to do via district state veterenarnaja station marked in the veterinary record. What to feed a puppy? The first time (week) feed what the breeder was feeding, gradually moving on convenient food. I suggest that you use a dry food premium or super-premium class. It is comfortable, secure and ensures a balanced diet for your pet. I recommend ages 2 to 3 months. – 4 meals a day, with 4 to 6 months. 3 meals a day, from 6 months. and then 2 meals a day. Water should be kept fresh. Start with boiled, gradually turning on the tap. Add mineral fertilizer daily, increasing the dose up to 6 months and gradually reducing from 6 months to a year, reducing the country to zero. Suggest that you fertilizer company CANINA under the name «Welpenkalk». It is well absorbed and has a good ratio of CA and p. I think my recommendations will help for the first time. If you purchase a puppy in our kennel, we will walk the path from the first feeding to wins at shows. Our quality is in our dogs: good character, temperament, health, uniformity and recognition at exhibitions. Your success is our success. Join the friendly team of kennel «Kongrem». Best regards, Olga Klimanova

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